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Today, WiFi IP cameras are widely popular, used by many to lớn monitor activities and ensure safety. However, each camera has its own advantages and integrations. Without thorough research, you might make the wrong choice. To find the best WiFi IP camera that suits your needs, kiểm tra out the article below.

For hotels, offices, stores, parking lots, installing cameras is essential, especially WiFi IP cameras. Recognizing this demand, camera manufacturers have introduced various types and models to lớn meet consumer needs. However, with sánh many options, consumers find it challenging to lớn choose the right WiFi IP camera.

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Buying Guide for WiFi IP Cameras

A. Understanding WiFi IP Cameras

Compared to lớn wired cameras, WiFi IP cameras are devices that operate and transmit the clearest images through networks. So when the Internet connection is disrupted, the camera will cease to lớn function.

Advantages of WiFi IP cameras

- Compact design, easy installation.
- High resolution for clear images even when captured or rotated from a distance.
- Relatively high security: Only one IP can log in.
- Low cost: With just around 1 million VND, you can own a WiFi IP camera with many outstanding features.
- WiFi IP cameras come with built-in infrared lights, automatically switching modes sánh that nighttime images are clear, allowing users to lớn see everything clearly.

Cons of WiFi IP cameras

- Without a network, WiFi IP cameras will not function or transmit data.
- Because they operate through networks, they are vulnerable to lớn hacking.
- Suitable only for installation in small spaces.

Therefore, if you want to lớn install a camera for small spaces, shops, homes... then WiFi IP cameras are the appropriate suggestion for you.

B. The Best WiFi IP Cameras of 2018

The top WiFi IP cameras of 2018 include:

1. Siepem S6203Y WiFi/3G IP Camera

The Siepem S6203Y WiFi/3G IP Camera, manufactured by the Siepem brand, is favored by many for its reasonable price and numerous outstanding features.


- The Siepem S6203Y WiFi/3G IP Camera is equipped with infrared sensors and automatically switches to lớn low-light mode for sharp images.
- Easy to lớn rotate horizontally up to lớn 355 degrees and vertically up to lớn 120 degrees to lớn scan all surrounding images.
- Easily controlled via điện thoại thông minh.
- Capable of detecting and capturing images of moving objects up to lớn 10m away and capturing sound as well.


- Moving objects may appear blurry, with low-quality dynamic images.
- High sensitivity to lớn motion detection may result in false alarms.

2. Qihoo 360 HD720 IP Camera

The Qihoo 360 HD720 IP Camera, designed by Qihoo, is compact, easy to lớn install, and equipped with premium lenses that allow the camera to lớn monitor and observe the entire space in a wide room, saving costs.


- Easily observe wide spaces, with a rotation angle of up to lớn 150 degrees.
- The camera base is equipped with magnets, making it easier to lớn install on metal surfaces than thở ever before.
- User-friendly interface for easy use.
- Good quality sound recording, clear.

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Disadvantages: High cost

1. High-Quality Wifi IP Camera: Yoosee YYZ100-XF

When it comes to lớn top-notch wifi IP cameras, the Yoosee YYZ100-XF stands out. With this camera, remote monitoring becomes a breeze, ensuring safety with instant motion detection alerts.


- Offers a 360-degree horizontal rotation and 120-degree vertical tilt.
- Excellent motion detection capabilities.
- Night vision functionality.

Drawbacks: While it offers night vision, this camera only provides blurry images, not as clear as the other two mentioned cameras.

2. Yoosee 8100 HD Wireless IP Camera

Compact in design with a wide-angle rotation, the Yoosee 8100 HD Wireless IP Camera has been meeting the needs of many consumers.


- Easily controlled via điện thoại thông minh.
- Records and stores footage continuously for up to lớn 10 days with just a memory thẻ.
- Also triggers alerts upon detecting movement by objects or intruders.


- Slightly challenging user interface.
- Only supports .av tệp tin format.

3. Yoosee HD720 Wifi Camera

In addition to lớn the aforementioned camera types, the Yoosee HD720 Wifi Camera is also one of the best wifi IP cameras available today, chosen by many for its superior performance.


- Compact design, easy to lớn install anywhere.
- Provides clear images even at night.
- Equipped with a 64GB memory thẻ for easy viewing of previous footage.
- Integrated with smartphones, computers, etc.
- The Yoosee HD720 Wifi Camera automatically overwrites when storage is full instead of stopping operation to lớn wait for a new memory thẻ or reset.


- The Yoosee HD720 Wifi Camera consumes storage quickly in HD mode.
- Cannot rotate horizontally or vertically.

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Above are the best wifi IP cameras in 2018 on the market. Based on their pros and cons, you can choose the most suitable camera for your cửa hàng, office, or home page installation.

Alongside suggesting the best wifi IP cameras, Mytour also compiles and shares the best wifi hotspot software of 2017, helping readers select the most reliable wifi hotspot software for stable mạng internet access.

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